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Our exciting new partnership with Avanoo expands our offerings to include cost-effective,

rapidly-deployed tools to get everyone in your organization aligned.

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Story-based Micro-learning



Weekly emailed 3-minute videos

     ~ For desktop & mobile devices


• Admin Console, built-in reporting

   ~ Deep data insights about your company


• Expanded Workshop Catalog

  ~ Order all your workshop materials online for best delivery


• Many Hot Topics

   ~ Trust, Influence, Feedback, Accountability, Bias, Resilience

• Full-suite of options:  17 Categories, 1,300 videos

   ~ Customized to your culture and needs

• Expanded options for your L&D needs

   ~ Classroom training + 1:1 coaching + micro-learning

• Hundreds of Trainers and Coaches based globally

   ~ U.S. + Asia Pacific + Europe + Middle East

 Option to create bespoke videos of stories in your organization that support the values and culture

The Methodology

Weekly Microlearning videos using this scientific framework:

Introducing: Simplified Avanoo