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Partnership with Brené Brown Cultivates Daring Leadership for Simplified Coach Clients

Dare to Lead™

There are thought leaders, and then there are people who are trailblazers with their research, insights, and contributions.

Dr. Brené Brown is one such individual. Aside from being a New York Times bestselling author (6 times over!), researcher, and master storyteller, she also runs corporate training programs to foster Daring Leadership. Our Simplified Coach facilitator Suzy Benson has been certified and leads teams through this certification program.

What is the Dare to Lead™ program? It is an empirically-based program designed to help leaders become more courageous. The most significant finding from Brené’s research is that courage is a collection of four teachable, measurable, and observable skills. Come learn how to put these foundational skills into action!

Contact us for an inquiry call to see how this content could benefit you and/or your team or company.


Insights from the Dare to Lead™ Program

Leaders who define their values and live in alignment with them show signs of acting with integrity and courage and foster long-term success with their teams. At Simplified Coach, we work to align leaders with how they are living their values. Click here to see our worksheet on Values.


When we recognize what it takes to become a courageous leader, we create a positive contagion effect in the organization. We move beyond survival and into navigating challenges effectively. See what Daring Leadership looks like in this podcast.


One of the foundational skills in Dare to Lead™ is the ability to embrace the parts of ourselves and teams that are less than ideal - aka “embrace the suck”. Learn about the importance of vulnerability in this popular TED talk from Brené Brown.


The ability to choose courage over comfort has been recognized as a superpower in the ability for people to rise above setbacks. See what Forbes says about overcoming fears when leading others.


View our course catalog for Dare to Lead™ workshop offerings.

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