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Simplified Coach, Inc offers group or individual neuroscience-based company training. Our 'virtual first' strategy supports clients, partners, communities, and employees. We are focused on virtual connections being deeper than assumed possible so that trainings remain impactful and accessible. With our quality team growth courses, you will see fast results throughout the company. From Executive Coaching and Facilitation to Managed Services and 360 Feedback Training we go through all aspects of what it takes to run a company. Reach out to us today to plan your next virtual class.




It's Quite Simple.  We provide 4 options:

1:1 Executive Coaching

Packages of 6, 12 or ongoing hourly sessions held weekly or bi-monthly.


Our clients have varying levels and titles, with approximately one-third CEOs, one-third VPs, and one-third Directors.  Together we'll define goals and practice powerful strategies that will get you to your next chapter.  Whether your current state is motivated, frustrated or challenged, our coaching model will create growth and impact quickly.  Within the confidential "safe practice space" of coaching, individuals can explore and achieve new self-awareness, communication tools and fulfillment. Customized sessions allow clients to:



•  Complete an Executive Self-Evaluation Test

•  Define and develop strategy and tactics based on priority

•  Develop professional presence and executive brand

•  Develop executive communication skills

•  Develop influencing and negotiating skills



360 Feedback


360 Feedback can be incredibly useful for growth and self-awareness. Many times the awareness if great news such as a prior issue in your performance has been mastered and is now not an issue.  Sometimes the feedback is simply a realization that you show up differently to different audiences.  Simplified Coach offers two options which can be paired with executive coaching or performed on their own.


  • Interviews, usually with 6 - 7 people conducted by an executive coach.

  • Tilt 365, Online Tool

Simplified Coach Key Metrics

 (1= Not at all Likely; 10= Extremely Likely)

How likely are you to recommend this coach/program to others with similar needs? 


I am satisfied with the progress I made during my coaching engagement. 


I was able to take effective action based on what I learned with coaching.



Topic-based, time varies.

Fast-moving companies need to make well-informed important decisions with little room for error. This often requires a rich and diverse gathering of individuals to discuss, brainstorm, debate, act and then be held accountable for commitments. Our skilled facilitators ensure participants fully utilize their strengths as discussions evolve. We guide groups through this process to ensure the forward progress desired while enhancing individual relationships. Sessions include:


•  Strategy and goal setting

•  Tough decisions

•  Facilitation and discussion

•  The "Groan Zone"

•  Influence with Permission

•  Getting to Results

Topic based, 1-4 sessions

Maybe you want the entire company, division or team to be savvy on solid, foundational communication or leadership skills. This is where we come in.  We tailor proven tools to your culture and deliver them in a multi-session program. We brand and tailor all curriculum to your culture and needs, focusing on foundational skills such as listening, conversing, self-awareness and empowerment. We deliver this 2.5 hour to full-day training with lots of small breakout role plays of real situations that happen in your company. We keep the pace fast-moving and engaging. We guarantee that we'll create a workshop in the style that is most appropriate for your needs:  hard-driving, positive, fun or even quite challenging.   Examples include:

• Building and Repairing Trust in The Workplace

• Creating a Team Culture of Accountability

• Crucial Conversations

• Custom Facilitation–Your Team's Topic

• DISC–Communication Styles

• Getting Things Done: Tasks & Projects

• Insights, Creativity, and How to Enhance Productivity

• Killer Feedback

• Leadership Communication

• Managerial Coaching

• Managing Up, Down, and All-­Around

• Meetings:  Less Frequent and More Productive

• Mindfulness

• Peer Coaching

• People Styles At Work: Influencing & Communication Skills


• Powerful Presentation Skills

• Resiliency Training

• Search Inside Yourself

• Situational Leadership–Fostering Confidence, Competence and Commitment

• StrengthsFinder

• True Courage

• The Blueprint—1:1 Half-Day Discovery Backpack

• Workshop Facilitation Skills

Managed Services

We work with you to provide customized, integrated solutions. All of our trainers have a long history of integrity and impact in various organizations and are now certified and background checked by us to deliver the content we offer. We work with you to determine how simple or complex the issue is that requires assistance. Then, we offer a tailored solution. For example, at one client, we manage over 600 Professional Skills workshops throughout the Americas per year, while at another client we work only where groups or teams request development. At one client, our trainers are additionally certified in specific offerings such as Crucial Conversations and PeopleFuel that require an additional license from your company to their content owners.








"The concepts in Simplified Coach, Inc's workshops continue to impact the way our department communicates internally and cross-fuctionally."