Typically, our virtual workshops are:

  • 90 minutes - 2 hours

  • Run on the Zoom platform although we can customize for varied platforms

  • 20 attendees maximum per session for best results, exceptions are welcome

  • Typically includes materials, custom experiential exercises and practice homework

5 Success Levels for

Leaders and Teams:

We’ve categorized our offerings within 5 Success Levels for Leaders and Teams: Results, Accountability, Commitments, Communication and Conflict, and Trust.



WFH Essential Virtual Courses

  • Deepening Virtual Connections – 90 Minutes


In partnership with Lauren Rauch Consulting – Maximum Class Size: 30 


This workshop facilitates authentic connection in the virtual world. It is a highly interactive experience, showing fun and effective ways to create intimacy for any virtual gathering: whether it’s a team meeting, training, conference, presentation, or party. No lectures or slideshows here. Participants will engage in a series of exercises they will be able to put into practice right away to captivate an audience and create real connection. 

     Effective Virtual Meetings – 2 Hours

Effective Virtual Meetings is a hands-on course for hosting meetings that optimize results and participant engagement. We practice designing meetings that serve a distinct purpose between information-sharing, team-bonding, brainstorming, decision-making, and/or action reviews. We proactively build-inessential tips and tricks for the effectiveness of virtual meetings. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and understand what works and doesn’t work around current meetings and how you can become a Virtual Meetings Master

  • Virtual Engagement – 2 Hours

In partnership with RRC (Rachel Rodriguez Communications)  


This interactive experience *both models and teaches* how to be more engaging, polished, and impactful with virtual delivery. Individuals and teams learn tips and tools and practice the strategies and frames needed to successfully deliver virtually— whether 1:1, to a larger team, customer audience, or keynote talk. Participants leave poised to be more strategic and confident delivering top-notch presentations in unusual times.

  • Managing Bias & Microaggressions – 2 Hours


This program utilizes academic & industry research as well as real examples to illustrate 4 types of unconscious bias and offers actionable things you can do to increase awareness of and counteract unconscious bias. It also addresses the microaggressions that can happen in a WFH environment.  With home and work lives merged in many ways,  it can inadvertently create a situation where microaggressions might increase in prevalence. In order to serve our diverse community, we need to be intentional in how we think about diverse perspectives, microaggressions, and unconscious bias. 

Expanding Trust


  • Building and Repairing Trust In The Workplace – Two Half Days or One Full Day


In this workshop, participants will explore what it takes to build and establish trust in any environment.  The highly experiential exercises will cover the “Trust Equation” and how to apply principles to specific interactions with individuals and teams. ​​

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence – Half Day or Full Day


Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we perceive and express ourselves, how well we notice and perceive others' social cues, and how we can develop and maintain social and business relationships. In this workshop, you'll attain a deeper understanding of the importance of EQ in effective performance and leadership. You'll participate in a diagnostic self-assessment to identify your strengths and areas to further develop your EQ to enhance your leadership impact. Assessments may optionally be shared within the team environment for deeper bonding and results. Individual coaching is available for customized follow-on results. 


Embracing Communication and Conflict


  • Leadership Communication – Three Half Day sessions, or 1.5 Days


In this series, participants learn foundational communication tools required for any position. We'll cover techniques that build working relationships so projects will be completed faster and with more ease. They'll learn skills and techniques in listening, decision-making, influencing, and negotiating.  These ½ day workshops can be combined or separated over time.


  • Managing Up, Down, and All-­Around – Half Day


We all have to interact with people who have different levels of responsibility.  In this workshop, participants learn how to communicate in a way that works for any level, in turn, building trust and influencing abilities.  The takeaway covers five factors that impact your influence-ability:  status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness.


  • Influencing & Communication Leveraging DISC -  Half Day


Influencing and Communicating – Leveraging DISC is a workshop that delves into preferences and communication styles based on personality differences. Every person has a behavioral style that identifies how we tend to communicate with others and how we prefer others to communicate with us. Learning the differences can increase our resonance with others, and thereby increase our influence within a team or organization. This is especially handy in conversations where people have differing opinions to share, or stakes feel high.

  • Intrinsic Motivators -  Half Day


Intrinsic Motivators: Why We Speak/Act is a workshop that builds upon the DISC: Influencing and Communications workshop. Communication styles are based on personality differences and preferences and when we are delivering "high stakes" messages, or when we want to resonate more deeply with another individual, knowing others' styles is critical for maximum effectiveness. It's how we speak/act around others and flexing our style to speak our message in their language that yields higher resonance. "Like attracts like", after all. 

  • Killer Feedback – Half Day


Feedback is simply information–about a product, process, or a person’s performance.  So why is this so laden with emotion?  Our caveman brains are built for survival–and that means fitting in and doing well.  This workshop will: show how to give and receive feedback; review neuroscience studies about what happens when we listen to feedback how we feel when it seems like a weapon against us, and how to successfully address it.  

  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence – Half Day


Emotional Intelligence (EQi) is not the opposite of intellectual intelligence (IQ), it is not the triumph of heart overhead, it is the unique intersection of both. While IQ levels off during our youth i.e. we do not get smarter as we age, EQi can be intentionally developed and increased with effort. EQ has been demonstrated as one of the critical factors (58%) for high-performing and resilient teams. This 1/2 day standalone engagement (does not require individual profiles to be administered) is an in-depth introduction to EQi and how you can intentionally develop EQi within yourself, your team, and your company. 


  • StrengthsFinder – Half Day


Playing to our strengths means a win-win situation for joy in your job journey and productivity for your company.  In this ‘nothing but good news’ workshop, you’ll see what the results of your online strengths assessment reveal.  From there, you’ll consider where you are not in alignment, and perhaps find awareness of why.  Each team member can see how they sit within the team, and how they can bring more of their strengths forward, and leverage others’ where needed.


  • Building Value with Negotiation

Good negotiation should build relationships, not destroy them. The old win/win adage holds true and delivers both parties long-term, mutually beneficial outcomes. But the difference between a reasonable negotiator and an outstanding negotiator is the ability to maximize your win whilst the other party walks away satisfied. In “Building Value with Negotiation” we learn how to reach the best possible outcome from our negotiations and maintain the valuable relationships we have with clients, partners, or colleagues.





Clarifying Commitments

  • Resiliency Training – Half Day


Almost everyone is feeling the pressure to complete more and more tasks in their work position, to the point of burnout and frustrations. In this workshop we incorporate the best of the best skills of Mindfulness, Search Inside Yourself, and practical EQ for participants to understand a personal awareness of grounded truth.  The result is a more resilient, confident journey.  This workshop is currently delivered to the U.S. Air Force and San Francisco Giants – true success!      

  • Mindfulness – Half Day


Why is everyone talking about Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and why are so many corporations promoting it as part of their wellness program? In this workshop, participants learn what mindfulness is, how it "works", the research behind it, and how to actually use it. This is a one-session introductory workshop, followed by optional (transformational) 4, 8, or ongoing session workshops. 

  • Search Inside Yourself – 2 Full-Day or 4 Half Days


Born at Google and based on brain science, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) uses the practice of mindfulness to train Emotional Intelligence skills, leading to resilience, positive mindsets, and centered leadership. In the midst of complexity, it’s about finding the inner capacity to create, to thrive, to lead. And it’s surprisingly fun. Backed by some of the world’s leading experts in neuroscience and mindfulness, SIY is changing thousands of lives in over a dozen countries.

  • True Courage – Full Day


In this workshop, you'll learn what makes great leaders—from a place of courage, resilience, and vulnerability. We study how perfectionism, shame, or "little head voices" can stop us from living the purposeful and fulfilling life we want.  You'll learn an in-depth model that explores fears and anxieties and translates them into confidence and direction.


Holding Accountability


  • Creating a Team Culture of Accountability -  Two Half Days or Full Day


Working in fast-paced, highly competitive markets means little time for deadlines to be missed. Projects and company success can be affected radically when one team or function has miscommunicated or not met expectations.  A great challenge in addressing accountability is about creating beliefs that support an accountable culture. In this workshop, participants will define accountability, identify personal, professional, and environmental obstacles, learn tools to initiate and manage expectations, all in service of creating a culture of accountability in others.

   • Leading with Accountability and Autonomy -  3 Hours 

In this workshop, participants will define accountability, identify personal, professional, and environmental obstacles, learn tools to initiate and manage expectations, all in service of creating a culture of accountability in others. They will also dive into the psychological aspects of managing driven, high-achieving individuals in a way that allows them to thrive, elevating the whole team and its impact. Finally, they will work together to design a handbook of considerations when determining the risks/rewards of autonomy & accountability in various situations.

  • Coaching for Insights and Creativity – Half Day

Coaching for Insights and Creativity is a course designed to promote the generation of insights whether managing a direct report, working with a peer, or teaming with a cross-functional partner. In this half-day workshop, participants will understand the basic skills of how to empower workers to take risks for greater creativity. This workshop heavily emphasizes the difference between coaching versus giving advice, commands, or directives. 


  • Effective Meetings:  Less Frequent and More Productive – Half Day


In a recent study, leaders say 40% of the meetings they attended were ineffective, but 90% of the meetings they lead were very effective.  This unique workshop begins with a facilitated conversation with company leaders to determine what the meeting culture should be.  From there, foundational meeting principles are discussed and several experiential mini-meetings are held to discuss best practices and how to handle challenging meeting situations.  ​​




Delivering Results


  • SLII, A Situational Guide to Leadership – Full Day


This workshop helps leaders learn to establish effective relationships that bring out the best in people - through reading situational cues and context, understanding individual development needs for a task, and then flexing to them. A Situational Guide to Leadership is invaluable in teaching leaders to behave in alignment with their teams and to help them make the most impact.

  • Focus and Finish: Prioritizing for your talents and energy. – Half Day


This workshop is dedicated to helping people create new habits that support an organized system at work and in life.  It covers many of the basic skills involved in organization and also adds new information to support the current reality of being connected to work 24/7.  It is designed to support people who either don’t have an organizational system or have one that isn’t working well.

  • Selecting Extraordinary People


A company’s success is based on the talent it hires.  Holding quality interviews in a consistent, structured way yields better odds of bringing in top talent the first time.  In this workshop, we’ll review what works and what doesn’t work in the selection process, develop skills to conduct Behavioral Based Interviewing, review effective interview structure/format and tips, and much more.


  • Search Inside Yourself – 2 Full-Day or 4 Half Days


Born at Google and based on brain science, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) uses the practice of mindfulness to train Emotional Intelligence skills, leading to resilience, positive mindsets, and centered leadership. In the midst of complexity, it’s about finding the inner capacity to create, to thrive, to lead. And it’s surprisingly fun. Backed by some of the world’s leading experts in neuroscience and mindfulness, SIY is changing thousands of lives in over a dozen countries.


  • Dare to Lead™– Half Day


Dare to Lead™ program focuses on developing courage-building skills through workshops, training, and coaching to help individuals, teams, and organizations move from armored leadership to daring leadership. Individuals who successfully complete the full 16-hour Dare to Lead program will receive a certificate of completion and are allowed to put a Dare to Lead Trained badge on their LinkedIn account.


  • Insights, Creativity, and How to Enhance Productivity


Companies and employees want to be as productive as possible–it feels rewarding and has a measurable result. With the latest advances in neuroscience research, we know that insights and creativity come when certain conditions are met. This workshop will define and discuss how to create an environment that fosters these conditions.

  • Custom Facilitation - Your Team's Topic


Fast-moving companies need to make well-informed, important decisions with little room for error. This often requires a rich and diverse gathering of personalities and levels to discuss, brainstorm, debate, decide and determine accountability and success factors. Outside facilitation of meetings ensures everyone gets a voice, the pace keeps moving, rat-holing is eliminated, status is leveled, conflict is managed and results are gained. We often give pre-homework to participants to gather their pulse, or you tell us your meeting topic.  Topics typically include organization pulse, strategy and goal setting, team building, bonding and fun, tough decisions, managing through change, new business development, and more.

  • Clinics - Sharing Our Wisdom With Each Other – ½ Day


The wisdom of groups may not only solve important issues quickly but also develop bonds and trusting relationships.  Discussing issues in an open, somewhat vulnerable matter with colleagues can result in fast solutions with total buy-in, especially if facilitated by a leadership coach.  Whether the team is reinforcing new tools they’ve learned (e.g. Building Trust or Giving/Receiving Feedback), or is creating the space to present new issues, learning how to be the ally to others can bring richer results - and faster.  These sessions tend to be monthly or bi-monthly, typically with 5-20 participants.