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  • Align an experienced coach/facilitator to you! This person becomes an extension of your team, understanding company culture, strengths, and pain points.

  • Partner to understand the scope and current challenges. This is where complexity is broken down into solvable components.

  • Deliver leader coaching and/or customized group workshops to engage with participants and amplify leadership potential into practical skills.


NOTE: Sessions can be delivered in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

  We’ve Categorized Our Offerings into Four Success Levels for Leaders and Teams  

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Results & Productivity

   Ready for habits that foster focus and impact?

Accountability & Autonomy

   Ready to build an accountability culture?

Communication & Conflict

  Tired of reactive problem-solving?

Trust & Reliability

  Done with team drama? 

About Us:

leadership communication courses, executive coaching classes

Simplified Coach was created to take what was complicated with people and organizations and make it simple.


We deliver world-class leader coaching, group workshops, and managed services - helping companies and leaders build mastery in communication, relationships, and team performance. We’re here to help transform behaviors and skills.


We are positioned to partner with you and offer our experience, customization, and neuroscience-based content to support the desired leadership behaviors of your organization.

Meet the Team

Learn More About Our Mission

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About the Founders:

Simplified Coach is a women-led small business. With over 20-years of experience, founders Kaylyn Lehmann and Teri Dahlbeck have combined their expertise in coaching and leadership with a vision for accelerating leadership in companies. Along with their team of over fifty experienced coaches and facilitators, Simplified Coach offers proven tools to support leader and team growth worldwide.

 Offering:        In-Person & Virtual Sessions  

                               • Leader Coaching   • Group Workshops    • Managed Services   




workshops delivered annually


Customer Satisfaction Effectiveness Score 
(on a scale of 1-10)


Certificates of Coaches/ Facilitators


  • High standards and rigorous recruiting process for all coaches and facilitators

  • The curriculum delivered by leaders with decades of operational work experience

  • Personalized, detailed, and interactive intake process that informs a great experience for you and your team

  • Consistent high marks from post-workshop surveys

Breadth & Depth:

  • C-Suite and executive-level leaders (SVP, VP, Sr. Directors)

  • Startups to enterprise companies

  • US and international locations

  • All verticals with particular expertise in technology, biotech, venture capital, legal, government, and higher education

Simplified Coach Team Members


At Simplified Coach, our mission is to offer fast-growing companies tailored leadership and communication services that are immediate culture fits. Founded with the lofty goal of honoring each client and each of our team member's professional and personal dreams, we create superior trusting relationships with rapid results.

"No managed images, no organizational politics, just humans helping humans."

"An amazing team, learning and growing together."

The History of Simplified Coach