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  • Align an experienced coach/facilitator to you! This person becomes an extension of your team, understanding company culture, strengths, and pain points.

  • Partner to understand the scope and current challenges. This is where complexity is broken down into solvable components.

  • Deliver leader coaching and/or customized group workshops to engage with participants and amplify leadership potential into practical skills.


NOTE: Sessions can be delivered in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

  We’ve Categorized Our Offerings into Four Success Levels for Leaders and Teams  

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Results & Productivity

   Ready for habits that foster focus and impact?

Accountability & Autonomy

   Ready to build an accountability culture?

Communication & Conflict

  Tired of reactive problem-solving?

Trust & Reliability

  Done with team drama? 

About Us:

leadership communication courses, executive coaching classes

Simplified Coach was created to take what was complicated with people and organizations and make it simple.


We deliver world-class leader coaching, group workshops, and managed services - helping companies and leaders build mastery in communication, relationships, and team performance. We’re here to help transform behaviors and skills.


We are positioned to partner with you and offer our experience, customization, and neuroscience-based content to support the desired leadership behaviors of your organization.

Meet the Team

Learn More About Our Mission

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About the Founders:

Simplified Coach is a women-led small business. With over 20-years of experience, founders Kaylyn Lehmann and Teri Dahlbeck have combined their expertise in coaching and leadership with a vision for accelerating leadership in companies. Along with their team of over fifty experienced coaches and facilitators, Simplified Coach offers proven tools to support leader and team growth worldwide.

 Offering:        In-Person & Virtual Sessions  

                               • Leader Coaching   • Group Workshops    • Managed Services   




workshops delivered annually


Customer Satisfaction Effectiveness Score 
(on a scale of 1-10)


Certificates of Coaches/ Facilitators


  • High standards and rigorous recruiting process for all coaches and facilitators

  • The curriculum delivered by leaders with decades of operational work experience

  • Personalized, detailed, and interactive intake process that informs a great experience for you and your team

  • Consistent high marks from post-workshop surveys

Breadth & Depth:

  • C-Suite and executive-level leaders (SVP, VP, Sr. Directors)

  • Startups to enterprise companies

  • US and international locations

  • All verticals with particular expertise in technology, biotech, venture capital, legal, government, and higher education

Simplified Coach Team Members


At Simplified Coach, our mission is to offer fast-growing companies tailored leadership and communication services that are immediate culture fits. Founded with the lofty goal of honoring each client and each of our team member's professional and personal dreams, we create superior trusting relationships with rapid results.

"No managed images, no organizational politics, just humans helping humans."

"An amazing team, learning and growing together."

The History of Simplified Coach

The History of Simplified Coach

The History of Simplified Coach

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"I wanted to thank you for the class today. I got a ton of value out of the first section, which will be tumbling in my mind for another few months, at least until the principles you taught are internalized." 

Company Values:


We have each other's backs to do the right thing on our fast-paced journey together.



We support everyone's personal and professional dreams - and pause to remember and celebrate that we're doing what we love.

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We are professionals that strive to exceed the expectations and goals of our clients, teammates, and partners.

Leader Coaching FAQ


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Q: Who are your typical clients?


 For workshops 

We work primarily with clients in high-tech, biotech, pharma, customer services, and government industries. We match a facilitator who has successfully led teams in similar industries and company sizes, spanning early to medium (25-150 people) to Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Workshops are designed to create learning opportunities for full teams and/or learning cohorts.


 For coaching 

We work in all these industries with leaders in the c-suite, VPs, directors, and new managers.

Our experience allows us to partner with leaders and teams to offer practical and proven skills that make a real difference.


Some of our clients include the following:

  • AppDynamics

  • Apple

  • Ardelyx

  • Asana

  • Cloudera

  • Citrix

  • Converse

  • Daedalus

  • Draper Fisher Jurvetson Venture

  • Dropbox

  • Durie Tangri

  • DWC Construction

  • Eventbrite 

  • Evernote

  • FlowCarbon

  • Google

  • Hippo Insurance

  • IMVU

  • Kong Inc.

  • Lending Club

  • MizuhOSI 

  • Mojio

  • MyoKardia

  • Netflix

  • Next Insurance

  • Pinterest

  • Polar Pro

  • PubNub

  • Pure Storage

  • Red Hat

  • Riot Games

  • Roblox

  • SambaTV

  • Santa Clara County

  • Seagate

  • Sift Science 

  • Silicon Valley X-Ray

  • Spoke

  • Stanford Business School

  • StartX

  • Styleseat

  • Symantec 

  • Symphony

  • TedX

  • Tencent

  • Theravance

  • The Company

  • TiVo

  • Twitter

  • Zendesk

  • and more

 Leader Coaching FAQ 

Q: What is coaching, and when or why do I need it?

A: The most successful leaders seek out coaching throughout their careers. With coaching, you have a partner who understands the challenges you face. In sessions, you dissect challenges and move into solution space while honing influencing skills, driving sustainable business results, cultivating strong partnerships, motivating team members, and learning new powerful tools. The coach offers guidance and support, typically bi-weekly, while helping advance the client's biggest goals.


The coach holds the objective space for the transformational process–ensuring the client's accountability, clarity, and confidence.

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Q: What is the most common theme you coach?

A: We have clients who come to us for coaching on career advancement, executive presence, public speaking, colleague interpersonal issues, work/life balance, and how to lead in a hybrid work environment. Effective Communication and Relationship Building are what we coach most: influencing or leading others with more ease, better recognizing and playing to team members' strengths, increasing the ability to speak in public, and finding ways to connect and tap into intrinsic motivation with peers and team members.


Effective communication and relationship building are necessary building blocks for enjoyable, effective, and lasting interactions.

Young Businesswomen

Q: What is Neuroscience-based Leader Coaching?

A: The last few decades have brought forth vast amounts of research studies and advanced imaging proof uncovering how the brain works (neuroscience) and highlighting areas people behaviorally approach or avoid (think about giving/receiving feedback as an example!). Neuroscience-based coaching uses traditional motivational coaching tools and integrates the latest research on brain psychology to enhance or modify memory and behaviors.

Office Meeting
Group Workshop FAQ

 Group Workshops FAQ 

Q: How do you ensure our team/company has a high Return on Investment in your workshops?

A: Our coaches and facilitators have been in your shoes, leading teams and wrestling with the varied demands on time and attention, and wanting to make sure the investment of time, energy, and money is worthwhile. We get it! The workshops are all designed to offer skills that work on fundamental building blocks for effective leadership and communication. These workshops are customized to your company's culture and include case studies and examples relevant to what you face. All skill practice is done with real-life situations that involve your teams in action-planning and problem-solving.

Q: Are your Group Workshops Neuroscience-based?

A: The majority of skills we offer are grounded in neuroscience-based studies and research. We are tapped into the industry's thought leaders and influencers, and we bring to clients the most recent research. We then include Simplified Coach practical skills so that the important concepts can be integrated into the way a person thinks and behaves. Effective communication and relationship building are the areas in which we thrive.

Q: What are your key clients requesting?

A: Actually, it depends on whom the request comes from… for example:


Learning & Development managers want to foster a productive and engaging work environment, promote learning and transformative leadership behaviors, retain talent, and offer opportunities for growth and promotion.  We work tirelessly to augment their efforts and ensure trainings are designed to impact their organizations and minimize pain points.


Executive Leaders value direct, sharp, and concise communication, desire high-quality results, and want tools to scale for growth and maintain/accelerate motivation/engagement. We work with them to offer skills and tools to differentiate them in the marketplace, driving innovation, strong camaraderie, and resilience.

Mid-Level Managers want productivity hacks, strategies for positively influencing cross-functional partners and tools for cultivating a strong presence with upper-level management and within their industry. We offer ways to foster empowerment, build a team culture aligned with values, create ways to make a unique difference/impact and help foster personal promotability. 

The New/Emerging Leaders want to gain skills, learn new topics to improve their leadership potential, and be an integral part of organizational culture & teambuilding opportunities. Topics such as trust, knowing one another’s strengths and leadership styles, and creating norms for accountability and autonomy all rise to the top of the requests.  We create learning modes that bring together fun, leadership skills, and personal growth.

Q: Are you doing workshops virtually?

A: All workshops in our catalog have a virtual version available and have been designed to maximize the engagement and interaction of all participants.


Hot topics include the following:

·    Virtual Engagement

·    Managing Bias

·    Small-group facilitation

·    Effective Meetings

·    Influencing with DISC

Managed Services FAQ

 Managed Services FAQ 

Q: When are Managed Services right for my business?


A: Typically, for start-ups and mid-size businesses looking to grow their leaders and build company culture without adding substantial headcount, we work as an extension of your team, like an adjunct Leadership and Development function, offering trained facilitators and coaches to deliver leading-edge curricula grounded in practical application. You have one point of contact, making the learning journey simple to design and execute, and we take care of training and scheduling the facilitators/coaches who are the right match for your learning path.

Q: How do you ensure facilitators will be culture carriers for our business?


A: One of the greatest compliments we have received in working with clients in all industries over the past 20+ years is that we incorporate the company values with intentionality in the design and delivery of content. All materials are co-branded, and we work with you to create case studies and scenarios that are particular to your business. Therefore, the practice of skills is relevant to the pressures you face. We incorporate feedback from learners, and the program continues to be aligned with ever-changing business needs, with the pillars of your company culture creating a strong foundation for growth.


Q: How do you build a learning path that is right for my business?


A: Whether you want to create a learning path specific to new managers or develop a rolling schedule of learning cohorts throughout the organization with a mentorship program, we work with you to design the flow and frequency of learning modules. We meet to discuss goals, schedule, and content customization, and then the program launch is taken care of for you. Each learning path is developed with your industry, needs, and leadership goals integrated into the design.

Workbook Ordering Center



At Simplified Coach, we offer a variety of Leadership and Development Training workshops (see Workshop Offerings or request a catalog).  


Once you’ve confirmed a class, if there are workbooks, you can order them at this page.  Your workbooks will arrive exactly where you want them, and to the attention of who you want, with the quantity you want.  Some clients like to ship their workbooks to their office, others like to ship them to another location.


We’ll give you login and password information once you confirm your workshop.


We hope to see you soon!


The Simplified Coach Team

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