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"Time's Up Business" = "Now's The Time."


For 11 years Simplified Coach has trained and coached thousands of professionals to learn tools for effective communication and leadership.  



2018 is clearly a defining year in rights, equality, and change.  What’s fascinating is that it’s not based on a new law or a new structure.  Rather, it’s more of a social, political and business movement taking shape in a perfect storm.  Simplified Coach offers programs to address this with you - and now’s the time.  We tailor our offerings to your specific company culture and environment.


Workshop Agenda

1.  What’s this all about?  


2.  How did we get here?  What laws exist already?


3.  Why has this been so hard (neuroscience that drives behavior)?


4.  What does this mean at our company?


5.  Q&A

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A.  “Now’s The Time.” Survey


Serious legal or ethical time-bombs may be lurking inside your company.  When fear is involved, avoidance often happens. What if potential perpetrators don’t know if what they’ve said or done is an issue, want to come clean, but are afraid to contact HR?  What if a victim has a hard time getting the courage and words together to communicate what happened?  First, we work with you to create your “Now’s The Time” Survey Form that fits within your values and is approved by your legal counsel.  Employees may anonymously register for a one-hour coaching session. In this session, the employee speaks with one of our trained coaches to facilitate their  communication of their situation, using the structure of the form, to enable the company to receive the details it needs.  Research suggests that if an employee can work anonymously with a coach, they’re more likely to engage in communication.  (Note:  This is not coaching for the situation; it is coaching for communicating the situation effectively.)  Rate:  $495 per session.  Up-front Form discussion/co-development, $475/hour.




B.  “Now’s The Time.” Workshop


How do you get the word out quickly about your company’s position on Time’s Up, especially when your bandwidth is already taxed?  Our experienced, trained facilitators will guide employees through a 90-minute webinar that defines #Time’s Up, #MeToo, how we got here, laws we must abide by, and your company values and stance in addressing this topic.  We work together taking our proven webinar content and making it yours to fit your requirements.  This is a powerful topic that your employees need to hear and understand in the context of your organization.  Rate:  Customization pre-work: $475/hour, Workshop Delivery, $1,750




C. “Now’s The Time.” Coaching Programs – 3, 6 or 12 Sessions


Coaching With Amnesty Program


What if there was an incentive for an employee to come forward and address the fact that he or she may have engaged in a policy conduct violation?  The Coaching Amnesty Program creates exactly that incentive.  In this program, the employee comes forward either under existing company process or completes the company’s “Now’s The Time” Survey (that has been co-created with us). In situations not resulting in separation, the employee receives coaching to learn and expand knowledge/skills gaps raised by the situation, for lasting behavior modification.  



Coaching For A Fresh Start


Not everyone is going to come forward, even when you adopt our Coaching with Amnesty Program.  Coaching For A Fresh Start can help even after an individual has been found to have engaged in wrongdoing in a typical investigation scenario. Here, a coaching package serves as both a key component of your compliance obligations and as a way to embed lasting behavioral change.  In these sessions, the employee will review the situation, deepen the learning around culture and policy behavior, as well as discuss how best to move forward. 



Coaching For The Courageous


It takes courage to come forward to raise an issue of discrimination, harassment or inappropriate conduct and for a range of reasons.  The fear of financial and social repercussions is real.  This coaching is a statement of support, to facilitate the recovery and transition of “going forward” in a professional work environment -  with confidence and pride.

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