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Congratulations! You have completed the DISC assessment. The next step will be a full debrief, including how to make this information most useful in communicating effectively for influence and resonance with your target audience.


DISC is a tool that is based on observable behaviors and style preferences. Knowing this framework WILL improve how you connect with others.

We are excited about the next steps with you!

In our upcoming workshop, we will go over key topics such as:

  • The power of Dominance, Influencer, Steady, and Compliant leadership traits

  • The natural consequences of problems, people, pace, and procedures

  • The key communication skills for greater influence and resonance

You will receive your individual report over email, and when you do, please take the following steps:

  • Pre-read your report (pay close attention to the Behavioral Characteristics pages)

  • Think of examples of how this “hypothesis generator” rings true or false

  • Get ready to practice communication scenarios

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