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What is it:

  • Deep dive on leadership concepts and practical application

  • Opportunity for team bonding and creation of a safe space for surfacing of challenges for resolution

  • Close connection with a devoted and skilled facilitator/coach, a partner with your organization

  • Layered learning for comprehensive leadership development

What it isn't:

  • Replacement for your in-house learning & development programs

  • Unorganized ranting (rather each session is professionally facilitated with exercises for deeper skill building!)

  • Executive coaching

How it works:

Together, your key point of contact and your devoted facilitator/coach will design the roadmap for the year-long program.

The in-tact team will agree upon a recurring schedule for a monthly virtual session, meeting 2-hours/month for the duration of one year (note: we will pre-plan around holiday schedules and may skip a month based on business calendars). We will work through concepts such as building trust, honoring commitments, driving accountability, coaching for insights, cultivating emotional intelligence, ensuring psychological safety in challenging conversations, and many many more. The roadmap of selected topics is created with YOU!


This is meant to be a time where your company's leadership can meet and drive positive change and a leadership culture throughout the organization.

This program is based on a monthly subscription service, where workshops have been reduced in price based on volume and an annual commitment. Please inquire if interested!

Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

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