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Meet Jane
New Leader

Jane wants to make a difference in their organization and be noticed for their leadership skills quickly. They are eager to hone their executive presence, influence, and relationship-building skills.

Jane struggles with occasional imposter syndrome (feeling 'not good enough') or knows their self-critic is more harsh than kind. They crave leadership direction and meaningful feedback from their manager, peers, and cross-functional partners.

We have extensive offerings, and our team has all held leadership positions inside organizations. We know how challenging the job can be and work with you to understand your needs.

Lucy Solutions

Simple Solutions

New Leader tools and tips for success

Potential Needs:

  • Processes for problem scoping

  • Tools to navigate conflict 

  • Skills for influencing

  • Tools to build inner courage

  • Presentation tips & tricks

  • Tools to run effective meetings

Jane's path will start with something that creates momentum and quick success.

We work within their budget and determine:

  • which topics and skills are most critical 

  • what is the focus of individual coaching

  • what are the ideal topics for group training

While aligning with organizational goals so Jane can see, experience, and measure the benefits quickly.







Coaching Focus

Increased Confidence

Cast a compelling vision

Grow leaders of leaders

Hone presentation skills

Influencing skills

Group Workshops

Building Value with Negotiation

Having Hard Conversations

Your Unique Genius

The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback

Focus and Finish

*This is a sample learning path. We design customized paths for each client based on needs & desired outcomes.

Customer Success

"This week, I had the chance to take two courses with Simplified Coach, Inc. as part of our Riot Games manager training opportunities. Amazing experience overall, and totally recommend both: "Leading with Accountability & Autonomy" and "Changing Hearts and Minds." 

-- Javier, Content Manager at Riot Games

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