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Giving and Receiving is the Connective Tissue of Growth

In this month of giving and receiving, we take this time to offer our clients and friends compassion, wishes of health and well-being, and the gift of the 4 C’s of Great Leadership. In giving these gifts, so much more is received.


Great Leaders are CLEAR

  • They define actions, owners, and priorities

  • They define roles, limits, and boundaries

  • They develop plans for learning and practicing new skills

  • They give examples of what a good job looks like

Great Leaders are CURIOUS

  • They involve others in clarifying actions and plans

  • They provide perspectives about progress being made

  • They provide resources and coaching

  • They explain the “Why” behind decisions


  • They encourage others to lead with their strengths

  • They ask questions, listen to concerns, and serve as a safe sounding board

  • They share expertise and offer support when asked

  • They provide reassurance, encouragement, and acknowledgment of accomplishments


• They build trust and illustrate what continues to work and not work

• They encourage others to challenge themselves

• They highlight opportunities to cross-pollinate knowledge and skills

• They identify expectations where challenges exist


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