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Mental Health Awareness Month


Here are some insights and resources on this very important topic during this Mental Health Awareness month.  

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Here are some of our favorite books on the topic!



For those who like to consume info via podcasts, we love these!



And for you experiential learners, these are incredible apps to support your mental well-being at work and rest.

  • CALM Business: Improving Employee Productivity, Workplace Engagement, and Overall Well-being

  • Headspace for Employees: helping members care for their mental health through guided meditations, coaching, therapy, psychiatry services, mindfulness practices, and EAP services

  • Insight Timer for Work: support to foster healthy well-being habits in the workplace

  • Moodfit: voted best overall mental health app



Great research-rich materials on the topic.

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Child psychologists help children develop coping skills, emotional psychology toronto regulation techniques, and problem-solving strategies.

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