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Productivity AND Meaningful Results? It is Possible

Have you wondered why productivity is often defined as a rate of output by an individual or organization? Achieving results is important … yes … and so is the attention and quality of our thinking as we complete important tasks. Determining how to prioritize our time and energy is fundamental to the productivity puzzle - ensuring the mind is open, creative, and focused on critical priorities.

Productivity Tips from Our Healthy Habits Course:

  • Do you prioritize your day to include uninterrupted blocks of time to do your deepest thinking?

  • Do you have a system to organize the influx of commitments and asks for your time & attention?

  • Do you create intentions for how you choose to engage with work tasks to maximize flow?

  • Do you set clear goals for what you wish to accomplish and prioritize daily?

  • Do you take thinking breaks to mitigate burnout?

  • Are you learning new things, thereby growing your potential for your brain to develop new insights?

Applying these techniques and others will help to lead to a more balanced and productive mindset, which will lead to achieving better results.


Atomic Habits provides insightful tips on formulating new habits or replacing productivity pitfalls. James Clear provides insights for changing patterns of behavior.


Find out what this time-blocking method is about and why it works effectively to beat procrastination and mental fatigue. Could this be right for you?


Here is a one stop shop for articles giving practical tips and strategies to enhance your productivity. Dive as deep as you want! Just don’t use the research to delay doing the work on implementing the tools & strategies!


If watching compelling videos is more your speed, TED talks have an entire category dedicated to the topic of productivity. Learn from industry experts and thought leaders.


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