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Positive Psychology as a Key Ingredient to Innovation

Have you ever wondered about what you can do to foster innovation? At Simplified Coach, we have coaches certified in positive psychology, neuroscience, and multiple mindfulness/conscious leadership programs. One key ingredient that continues to rise from all these influences is the importance of a positive mindset geared toward possibility. This is what sparks expansion and abundance. Research shows when we prime our minds for joy, awe, curiosity, strength, and purpose, we create greater creativity, resilience, confidence, and optimal functioning of teams and individuals. This is where innovation gets its fuel.

Here are a few resources you may find interesting to link positive emotions with the broadening of our cognitive and behavioral output, hence fostering positive relationships and results.


Watch this humorous talk about whether we need to work hard in order to be happy, or perhaps let happiness inspire productivity. Shawn Achor is a researcher, best-selling author, and entrepreneur who teaches about positive psychology.


Utilize this practical and simple tool to cultivate more joy in your life, thereby sparking an important positive emotion toward balance, creativity, and overall well-being.


Interested to go on your own deep dive into positive psychology and its benefits? Here is a Master Course with the “father of positive psychology” Martin Seligman and current researchers to learn strategies and tools to foster your own innovative breakthroughs.


Want data? Interested in a framework that combines the latest trends in strengths-based learning to foster more strategic thinking, planning, conversing, and producing? Check out this study from April 2022 that highlights how positive psychology brings out the best of human strengths, possibilities, and transformation.


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